Why trade shows are attractive for visitors

A wide choice of goods and services. Trade shows give attendees the opportunity to simultaneously compare a range of goods and offers from a great number of producers from different regions and even different countries. Often it is hard for people to make a reasoned decision about a product purchasing, thus when they are not confident in their choice, they tend to go where the greatest range is presented. Consideration of a large number of options allows visitors to get emotional satisfaction in their decision, in other words they are not assailed with doubts “whether I have considered all the options?”, “whether it is right that I bought it here”, etc.


Visual presentation of products. Attendees have the opportunity to see and evaluate the quality of products live, to get acquainted with a product in action, techniques of its work, fields of application and efficiency. This is especially important in machinery and equipment purchasing. But trade shows also provide an invaluable help in consumer goods buying, because you can taste products, smell them, apply on yourself and look at the effect of its application, and not just believe advertisement that says it’s delicious, this perfume is fascinating, and this cream makes your skin smooth like a baby’s. Thus, trade shows also help to choose the product that maximum suits the wishes of consumers based on experience of use and personal acquaintance with a sample.

Time and money saving. As specialized trade shows present a great number of exhibitors, visitors have the opportunity in a relatively short period of time to get acquainted with their products, pricing, terms of supply, discount system, etc. In one day you can visit displays of 10-15 companies whereas it may take a few days and several gallons of gasoline to arrange meetings with so many companies, visit their offices and become acquainted with their products. You must admit that in the compact conditions of a trade show to do that is much more convenient.

Information and knowledge. Trade shows provide an opportunity to explore new products and methods of their application, evaluate the situation on the market and industry trends, find ways to solve problems, apply the experience and fresh ideas (benchmarking), and enhance professional skills due to visiting events of business or scientific program of a trade show.

Personal contacts. Trade shows allow maintaining and establishing new business relationships in the format of live communications, obtaining first-hand information by meetings with companies’ leadership or professionals in the field. Today most communications are done via internet or by phone, but you can get a really correct picture of the company only by communicating with its representatives live. For visitors it is important to see not only the products themselves, but also the people who create and sell them, to ask questions, to look at their reaction, to evaluate their competence in order to understand whether they and what they represent deserve attention and money.


Professional socialization. Trade shows provide the establishing of useful contacts (networking), exchanging experiences, opinions, and discussing vital topics.

Emotional value. In addition to commercial aspects, trade shows can satisfy emotional needs of visitors, making it possible to break out of the office routine, to take a dive into the midst of things, to be charged with bright impressions, to feel the involvement in the industry’s community, to enjoy the meetings and communications in professional circles.

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